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"A light from the shadow shall spring"

Some lights in darkness?

I saw a girl liking my post. Upon checking her blog out, I saw that she is a pro refugee liberal. I can only tell her: It is not hateful to want to protect your nation from rapists, murderers and conquerors from the religion of Radical Islam. Please look up the word “rapefugee” and you will see what I mean. It’s not right wing propaganda, unless you mean the rape of Cologne is propaganda created by white nationalists. I am not white, btw.

But anyway, I saw people on the left blaming the right for “hiring the anarchists” to create troubles at Berkeley.

This is the light in the darkness.

People who are either fearful, or truly wish for peace, hate violence.
Perhaps in time, they will see through the nature of the Left, and cease to support them.

Great. I will shake your hands.

On current events: Reap what you sow?

Or as some other Reactionary blogger says: “You killed kings for this”. Tragic.

The ironic, bitter outcome of “freedom” is totalitarianism, brought forth via degeneracy unleashed during the Shameful Sixties. It will now take a strong authoritarian man to do it. I hope the man is Trump.

Brought to you by, ironically, the classical liberal Facebook group “Thomas Sowell Foundation”.

Edit: Actually, the reign of degeneracy started way earlier than the 1960’s. More like since the French Revolution, or perhaps even earlier since the 1600’s.

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Linkage: War is coming?

Quite a few on the left is being radicalized. What about the right?

Some discussion found on Survivalist Board via Matt Forney.

Criticizing Equality of religion and irreligion

If atheism and religion is equal, then you could as well believe than man’s ideas are equal to God’s. Not necessarily. Man’s ideas are only equal to God’s if they are in line with God’s ideas.

A gem of an article from Return of Kings : “It’s Time To Go Beyond The “Capitalism Vs. Socialism” Dichotomy”

The Traditional Latin Mass and masculinity

One of the differences between a Traditional Latin Mass and a Novus Ordo one is that the former has a distinguished masculine atmosphere to it, while the latter is soft and feminine.

If you have always felt like Christianity is an effeminate religion, come and try out the Traditional Latin Mass. Look online for SSPX, FSSP (recommended) or even Sedevacantist. If none of these is around, look for an Eastern Orthodox Church.

The silence.

The piety of the laypeople, who kneel almost of all the time (unlike in a Novus Ordo where people sit through it).

The powerful homilies (Catholic sermon).

The masculine Latin tongue.

ZERO altar girls.

And if I am correct, even the average TLM priest seems more testosteronized than his NO brethren.

All of those things will make for a healthy, authentic experience of Catholic Christianity which is very male friendly (that is, for masculine men).

Compare it to a NO mass.

“Go and spread love”.

“Love one another”.

“Love your neighbour”.

And worst, “Let’s offer each other a sign of peace”, says the priest, after which people actually turn to each other, smile (!) and shake hands, and “peace to you”. I might have as well converted to Hinduism for some Namaste.


Let’s be honest, if you are a spiritual seeker today, you do not need to go to a Church to learn about all these “love” things. It’s all common sense. The clerics of NO just do not want to teach the truth, so they water it down and turn a powerful Catholic mass into a giant New Age meetup.

Avoid the NO mass as much as you could. It will do your soul a service.

And if you see something like the video below, avoid it like AIDS. It’s disgusting, and borderline heretical. What is this, a shamanic rite?

A revised political spectrum in light of the Alt Right / New Right

Far left: Progressivism / Communism / Anarchism / Authoritarian Socialism

Center left: Neo-Liberalism (i.e. Left Liberalism) / Democratic Socialism /  Free Market “Conservatism” (i.e. Neoconservatism & “Cuckservatism”) / Left Libertarianism

Centrist to center-right: Free Market, Classical Liberalism (i.e. Right Liberalism) / Paleoconservatism / American “Patriotism” (think of the “basket of deplorables”) / Donald Trump’s “New Right” / Alternative Light

Center to far right: Fascism or Neofascism, Nazism or Neo-Nazism, Identitarianism, Spencerian Alternative Right, current European Nationalist parties, European New Right

Far right to far-far right, i.e. the True Right: Reaction (but Neoreaction, if atheistic, should be considered “center to far right”).

The things that should define left and right are not economical, but social issues.

Are there “good Muslims” around?

This question struck me in one of the comments to my previous post:

“Why is there no call to arms of the Fierabras, the Feirefiz, the Sivrit von Alzabey im Moorlant, the Caliph Haroun the Just of this age? Have you forgotten the tale of Bór the Faithful and his sons Borlach, Borlad, and Borthand the Easterlings? (And the invocation of Odin is disturbing. The West ought to be even more concerned about the resurgence of Heathenry, which was more cruel and bloody than the Ishmaelites.)” – The Hapsburg Restorationist

As you would have noticed, my poem was written based on the Lord of the Rings figures, and so are the fictional Muslim characters in the comment above. In real life, however, there has been no example of positive cooperation between Muslims and Christians of old. It has been all but a bloody contest with atrocities committed by both sides.

And yet, there exists inside me a dilemma. I am aware of the existence of some of the better Muslims who only wish to live in peace with the West, and I have written about them before. Unfortunately, the election of Trump has almost driven the Western Muslim community into the arms of the West. They now see themselves no more than victims of the oppressive white supremacist Christian patriarchy who wants to dominate the world. Even the best among them. Their leaders.

Now, I have not lost hope. The existence of people like The Oriental Neoreactionary and Abu Talhah (see the comments) makes me believe that there is a number of Muslims who see through all these deceptions, and they give me a reason to believe in a better future for Muslims and Christians. And I think given the situation in Europe now, more terrorist attacks and other horrible events will wake peaceful Muslims up to what is really going on. I have therefore not given up on Muslim leaders such as Sheik Omar Suleiman above, as I have been observing him for a long time and know that he staunchly condemns ISIS and their likes. I think there could be cooperation, however, certain conditions must happen:

1. Both parties need to make a truce on mutual cooperation and mutual nonviolence
2. Both parties need to make a firm stance against the Left and Radical Islam
3. Both parties need to find “legitimate” support among Christian and Muslim leaders.
4. The cooperation should be based on a common spiritual theme.

Out of these 4 conditions, no.4 is the hardest. The only basis I could think of is based on end time prophecies, in which Jesus will return to Earth. Hopefully, if this turns out to be true, then all the antagonies and agonies, and traumatic between the two estranged partners of Islam and Christianity (and Judaism too) could be resolved. Of course, this is a big deal. I will write about this soon in the future.

To ruins, and to the world’s ending

Arise, men of the West!
Break your armour out, for war is coming
The Easterlings are back and menacing,
So let us too met them with force.

Let the Saxons descend from the forests of Teutonia

Let the Anglos charge with long beards and long spears,

Let the Northmen berserk their way with battle axes into the enemies’ rank
(O Odin, give them the greatest fury!)
Let the Gauls blow a horn, and dance the death dance into the Easterlings’ faces
Let the Highlanders pierce the invaders with sharp pikes, and the tartan in the wind wild fly
Let the Bavarii, the Helvetii, the Alemanni, and the Frankii come too
Let twenty seven legions of Rome be resurrected from the grave

Let Conquistadors and Spartans return and go forward brave
For the Mother of all Battles has arrived here on the fields of Vienna, once again.

And in the most dreadful darken hour, let Eastern Occident rise too
Let men from Polonia come with Hussaria on horse, with spears and iron shoes
Let men from Pannonia, children of Attila, Europeanized, firing from their saddles
Let the enemies’ bodies chock full of sharp arrows
Let men from Lithuania and the far reaches of Karelia assemble in the field and then wage battle too
And most of all, let the Cossacks come!
May their curved blades be more terrified than any Tartar’s armour, may they cut them through
Muscovy and Kiev shall be united, for all the good of Europe!

Let our men come

From the high meadows of Scotland and Swabia
From the vast steppes of Ukraine and Siberia

From the sanded coasts of Dalmatia and Epirus

From the ancient hallowed towns of Parma, Calabria and Lombardia

From the rusted hills of Portugal and Gallicia
Let them come and join us.

And even furthermore, from farther places

Let them come even from the ends of the world
From the scorched savannahs of Rhodesia

From the endless prairies of Montana
From the snowed valleys of the Rockies

From the forsaken old fields of Dixe (Long might thou live!)
From the strange deserts of Sonora and the islands of Caribba
From the old houses of Ciudad de México and São Paolo (Ave Maria!)
From Tierra del Fuego with the reachless pampas
From the cracked racked red patches of Western Queensland
From the sleepy places south of Toowomba
From the Shire of the South Seas with its green plains
From Invercargill, at the world’s end.

Let them all come, for the Battle for the West is here
Black flags flying, foes are near
Children crying, women stricken with deadly fear
Let the guardians be the ones they hold dear
Let them come, or return from over the seas!
Let them battle like never have before
Let them destroy our enemies so they remain no more
Let them squashed and crashed to the core.

For Gondor, and for all the ages coming,

To ruins, and to the world’s ending!


Edit: a regular reader of this blog has commented below about the need to include the “good Easterlings”. I decided to respond to him with an article.

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